Five Things I’m giving up for a week in honor of Mental Health Month

CNN. I only started watching CNN about six months ago after I switched cable providers. It was the default channel that popped up whenever I turned my TV on. My poor Canadian brain was not equipped to handle the bombardment of this 24/7, reality TV, game show with its end-of-the-world Donald Trump stakes. There is no Canadian equivalent to CNN. It’s like comparing a cup of tea to heroin…I think. I’ve never tried tea.

Hahaha. Sorry. Old school joke. Sigh.

( Disclaimer: To the Social Justice Warriors, I apologize for making light of heroin. Please put down your steely knives. I promise to say 100 Bernie Sanders before bed tonight.)

TMZ, Radar Online, and All Other Gossip Websites. I almost didn’t write this one down because I was too embarrassed to admit to my daily Kardashian butt-looking habit, but let’s face it, half the world has fallen into the butt-trap with me, so I’m in good-ish company. That being said, I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think this ritual is making me a better person, so I’m going to let it go for this week.

Fingers crossed Bey and Jay Z work it out…or at least don’t get divorced until I’m back.

Twitter. I’m a skulker on Twitter. I admit it. I poke my head in, on a near daily basis, to watch the epic battles of the righteously enraged unfold. I do this mainly because I get torn up about all the little decisions in life, like which flavor of yogurt to eat for my morning snack, so I find all of these people so sure in their opinions compelling to say the least. That being said, I’m pretty sure all this virtual yelling is not good for my soul, so I’m willing to try life without it.

Goodreads. For me, Goodreads is a house with a 1000 doors. Sometimes I turn the knob to find a sunlit pasture filled with rainbows and unicorns…and blue birds holding up a banner with my name painted across it. Other times I stumble upon a torture chamber with readers tearing apart my heart and devouring it like a roast chicken, my words dribbling down their greasy chins. (Disclaimer: I know Goodreads is a reader-space not a writer-space, so I shouldn’t even be commenting on it. And like I said, you don’t even have to worry about it because I’m going…I said I’m going already! Jeez, you don’t have to push me out the door…)

All joking aside, though, I’m interested to see what this one does for my creativity. It’s hard to write when you’re worried about how each word will be received.

Facebook. This is a funny one because I don’t quite understand why I still visit Facebook. Seriously, most everybody has already packed up and gone home, and the majority of my feed is comprised of ads. And yet I do keep going back…like a tired old workhorse walking his route. Not this week, though.

And there you have it.

So how will I fill up all my extra time? Maybe I’ll write the Sidekick in the City short stories I’ve been thinking about.(Bremy, I just can’t quit you). Or maybe I’ll sketch out that Otter Lake Mystery novella with Erica and Freddie back in high school. Or maybe I’ll just go outside and see what all those birds are twittering about. You never know.

Here’s to you Mental Health Month!

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