September Goal Results!!!

Okay, so I didn’t exactly achieve perfection. In fact, a lot of days went like this:

 emmy and me

That being said, more than a few days were like this:


So let’s get to it.

21 Day Fix Results: Okay, so I started late, and I didn’t exactly follow the diet the first week, okay, fine, maybe the first two weeks, but I hit every workout, and I now wear the smug smile of “The Have-Exercised.”

As for the program itself, I kind of love it (Don’t get me wrong. I swear from beginning to end while I am doing the workouts, but I still kind of love it.) I’m switching to THE BEAST next. I still haven’t reached Serena Williams of the soccer field status, but it’s coming. This will be me soon…just with less screaming maybe.

The beast

Meditation: Well, it turns out 20 minutes a day was a little beyond my reach. 5 minutes, however, well, that’s my sweet spot.

Has it changed my life? Not yet. But I’m planning on keeping it up.

Writing: Oh ho, that’s the best part. Most writers are aware of the plotter vs. pantser dilemma. Well, I’ve figured it all out – for me at least. But that’s for another post.

That’s all for now.

Bring on OCTOBER!

Afterthought: Oh! And I am debating posting before and after pics. On the one hand, I love looking at before and after pics of workout programs. On the other hand, it seems weird. Like it’s all, “Look at me! In a…bikini?” Sure thing Kim Kardashian. ‘Cause that’s normal behavior. I will ponder…

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