September Totally Super Attainable Goals to Achieve Perfection: GOAL TWO

I have always loved September. Crisp Air. Ripe Apples. And the all important BACK TO SCHOOL. Many people choose Jan. 1st for resolutions, but for me it’s September. When I was kid, I was always thrilled about the prospect of what the new school year might hold. As an adult, I am thrilled by the prospect of rebuilding my personality and not answering every question with “What? No. Stop it.” (For the record, I have awesome kids – but seriously now, it’s a long summer.)


You see, the other day I was watching Deepak Chopra on TV and what really struck me was the level of hope and compassion he had for humankind. I mean, I watch the news and I feel like this:


But I want to feel like this about humanity:


Alright, that may be a bit of a stretch, but we’ll see what 21 days of meditation will do for me. Standing in the rain looking sad certainly never helped anyone…whereas Oprah just gave these people a car…and look how happy she is…AND she meditates. Ergo sum ipso facto BAM! Logic by Auralee.


A out.

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