Murder, Pulp, and an Agent…oh my

That Wizard of Oz echo doesn’t quite work, does it? Oh well, this post can’t wait for anything better!

I have been neglecting my blog, poor thing. What can I say? I’ve been busy, busy, busy, and I subconsciously decided to rest on the laurels of my “Chewbacca: Perfect Sidekick or Perfect Date” posting over at Penny Dreadful Reviews. (I really didn’t think anyone would read that one. Who knew?)

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

1) I Got an AGENT!

Hurray! The wonderful Natalie Lakosil over at Bradford Literary Agency has accepted me as a client. I think will write a “How I got my Agent” post at some point. Despite the little voice in my head nattering away that no one really wants to read that, I devoured those types of postings when I was submitting to agents, so we’ll see.

2) I’ve been reading PULP!

Oh yes, my friends I have been knee-deep in prehistoric monsters, ray guns, and pistols that shoot leaden death. On my immediate To Do List is post on Tom Johnson’s Pangaea: Eden’s Planet. If you’re searching for a taste of real pulp, check it out. It may be for you.

3) I’ve been dabbling in MURDER!

Oh yes, I’d tell you all about it…but then I’d have to kill you. Yes, I did just say that. I’m not proud.

Now for those bloggers who were very vocal (read: threatening to take precious stars away!) with their expectations of a sequel to SIDEKICK, don’t worry. I’m working on that too. I know. I know. I also hate it when books don’t tie up all the loose ends. What can I say? Once I got a foot in the publishing door – thank you Escape Publishing – I wanted to hang around for awhile. I’m ridiculously excited about what happens next for poor Bremy. For all you readers who wanted to dig deeper into the characters, well, it’s coming. Oh, the emotions! And there may or may not be a grizzly bear on the subway and a shark tank too…actually, maybe just one of those. I wouldn’t want to go overboard.




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