…it turns out there are some really nice people on the internet.

About two months ago, I posted my very first blog entry expressing my reluctance to, well, blog because I was concerned that there may, in fact, be mean people on the internet. Well, colour me surprised, but it turns out that even though I have spotted the odd troll in the distance, most of the people I’ve met since my electronic debut have been really…nice.

Last night, I had the pleasure of participating in a podcast for The Book Cave to discuss SIDEKICK. Being the generally hysterical person that I am, I had myself convinced that all sorts of terrible things would come of this experience. In fact, most of yesterday, I was fairly certain that I would develop sudden onset aphasia (much like I did this morning when the receptionist at the doctor’s office asked me my telephone number, and for the life of me, I could not tell her what it was – I blame that on my two year old and lack of coffee), but as is often the case, it turns out my fears were completely unfounded. Ric and Art, hosts of The Book Cave, were simply wonderful, and I had a great time chatting with them.

I also need to mention that I was introduced to these fine gentlemen through Tom Johnson, pulp author, historian and collector (check out his site here). Tom contacted me after seeing a guest post I had written for my blog tour involving some superheroes from the Golden Age – a shared interest. Tom then proceeded to introduce me to the pulp community. It seems Tom is just one of those writers who supports other writers because, well, it’s a nice thing to do.

Then, as if these experiences weren’t enough to make me question my initial stance, I received another really nice email out of the blue a little while later. You see, during my tour, a blogger asked me for the names of some authors I had enjoyed recently. I provide a small list of names which included Jonathan Janz (I had read the first installment of his very horror-rific and very cool SAVAGE SPECIES.) Well, not long after, I got an email from Jonathan Janz thanking me! Imagine that! He took the time to write an email just to say thank you.

All in all, I think perhaps I may have been too quick to judge, well, all of humanity. So here’s to the good guys on the internet! I’m so glad you’re out there.


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