Interview with Auralee Wallace

Nicky Peacock - Author

8119821Tell us about your publishing journey…

My path to publication wasn’t exactly paved with golden bricks – wow, that was a lot of “p” alliteration for one sentence. I call Sidekick my first real novel because I didn’t fully commit to my previous attempts. For a long time, I had the mindset that because I loved books, I could write them. Lots of early rejection taught me that this wasn’t necessarily the case. So after my third child was born, I decided to get serious. I read every book on writer’s craft I could get my hands on before I even thought about trying again. It was after all that, I began to write Sidekick. When I finished, I thought agents would be clamoring to sign me on. I was quickly disabused of that notion. While I got a few timid bites, ultimately, the consensus seemed to be that the…

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