From now on, I would like everyone to refer to me as Madame Doom…

I made this announcement to my family last night, so far it hasn’t taken, but it’s still early days.

Alright, so at this point, you may be thinking, Uh oh, she’s finally lost it. While I’m sure that day will come, it’s not here yet. I’ve just been having fun. It turns out that I like blogging.This has shocked me deeply (see my first post), but it’s true. My upcoming blog tour for the release of Sidekick has forced to write a number of guest posts. I thought this would be a miserable experience, but then I realized I could write about the things I love and that have influenced me creatively. Here’s a sampling of my upcoming posts. I’ll provide the exact dates once I’m sure of what post is going where.


Getting Inspired: Re-writing the B-movie

Five movies I absolutely must see…but maybe not in their entireties

Poster 3 - ScreamingskullPoster 2 Giantleeches

I had some fun with this post. Let me tell you there are some movies out that promise to both fascinate and horrify…

Who Would You Rather…(If you don’t know what word goes at the end of this question, this post may not for you…hint: it’s not “be”)

An Exploration of Alpha vs Beta Heroes and Some Pretty Tasteless Fun

The Hulk

Photograph resized. Photographer: kiwanja

I think the title pretty much covers what’s going on here. I started with Who would you Rather? Bruce Banner or The Hulk? It’s a question for the ages. It will keep you up at night. You’ll have to visit the tour stop if you want my answer.

Going Retro: Classic Female Comic Books Superheroes and Villains

Phantom Lady Madame Doom

I plan to break this topic up into two respective posts, but in both I will explore comic book representations of women in the past. Fun fact: apparently in the early days of comic books, girls read more comics than boys! (Oh! and that’s my alter ego, Madame Doom, featured on the right there)

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this little preview….but if you haven’t, keep it to yourself! You don’t want to make Madame Doom angry…you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

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