3 responses to “Cover Art for Sidekick!

  1. Hi Auralee, your book, SIDEKICK sounds like a lot of fun. I grew up during the Golden Age comic books, and discovered Batman and Superman at age 7. I soon found all the other great heroes and heroines, and have fond memories of those times. I think my favorite heroine was Mary Marvel, but I read them all. Wonder Woman, Sheena, Black Cat; hey, one of my character is called The Black Cat. She is a costumed crime fighter, but in the mold of the pulp characters, not comic books. I also have The Black Ghost, The Masked Avenger, and others. They are so much fun to write. Visit my Blog sometime http://pulplair.blogspot.com

    • Hi Tom, I just checked out your page. You have some great stuff there. I grew up loving comic books, but lately I have been completely immersing myself into the Golden Age. Pulp fiction is next! Also if you’d like a review copy just let me know. SIDEKICK is still on Netgalley, but I can always arrange another way for you to get it if you’d like. Thanks for stopping by, Auralee.

      • Auralee, you can send me a pdf to fadingshadows40@gmail.com I also want to buy the paperback. If you would like to post your Blog Tour info on my Blog, we can do that too. Also, have you been interviewed on The Book Cave yet? Ric and his co-host are long time comic book fans and would love to talk to you. I can send you their email, if you wish. I’ve got a couple other review books to read, but could find time to read SIDEKICKS soon.

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